The Great Book is being opened at last and the greater Mysteries of the Cosmos are starting to become revealed. Foremost among them is the Intelligent Design by which all Creation has been blueprinted and expressed.

The Intelligent Design of Creation does exist. It has a specific purpose. It is dirt simple, infinitely powerful and is based on only a few simple rules. By the Design every aspect of Creation is by order of rule and every aspect has a specific role to play.

The operational aspects of the Design are generic and may be depicted any number of ways. The particular depiction chosen for this Revelation is geometric. The specific geometric method chosen is likewise simple, precise, and mirrors the original principles of the Design exactly. Not to misunderstand, this geometric depiction presented is not in and of itself the Intelligent Design per se', merely the particular way chosen to present basic Design's principles to your outer consciousness awareness's in a clear, concise, and unambiguous manner.

The core components of the modus operand are formulated through a program of organized geometric interactions called Cubistics. At heart of cubistics is the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is not a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost as you have been taught. It is a fully consecrated family principle of Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. 'As above so below'. The Intelligent Design is backboned on the family principle in a fundamental way.

The personae of the Father is 'Alpha', the personae of the Mother is 'Omega', and the personae of their Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Christ'. The term 'Creators' is usually taken to be Alpha and Omega together, Father and Mother. The attribute of the Father is 'Intelligence', the Attribute of the Mother is 'Substance', and the Attribute of their Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Energy'. The expression of the Father is 'Will', the expression of the Mother is 'Desire', the expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Action'.

Creation is the Will, Desire, and Action of Alpha and Omega to expand themselves within themselves according to rule. Creation comprises only consciousness caused outer manifestations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance under the guidance, direction, and protection of their Holy Trinity Self.

Alpha and Omega are eighteenth dimensional. Outside of Alpha and Omega nothing exists. Their eighteenth dimension is called 'The Great Even Pool of Darkness'. Their Great Even Pool of Darkness self comprises only Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance. The Breath and Tiny Particles are causelessly entropic, falling ever lower and lower in frequency towards an eventual cessation of existence for having no more vibrations. The purpose of Alpha and Omega's Intelligent Design is to convert their original uncaused eighteenth dimensional entropic frequencies of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into everlasting caused manifestations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance.

Their Intelligent Design is continuously being brought forward within a scaffolding of lower and lower frequency levels called 'dimensions', which Alpha and Omega established within themselves in preparation. The overall dimensions are eighteen to one. Their Holy Trinity Self comprises the entirety of their fifteenth dimension. Their Holy Trinity Self is completely un-materialized. Their Created self, called 'Creation', is their thirteenth dimension and below and is totally materialized. The whole of their fourteenth dimension is a created interface between their un-materialized frequencies in their fifteenth dimension and above, and their materialized frequencies in their thirteenth dimension and below. Their interface is called, 'The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega'.

Their Cube and Sphere is fully materialized and comprises an Absolute Sphere of Pure Intelligence, an Absolute Cube of Pure Substance, and an Absolute Y factor of Pure Energy. Their Cube and Sphere is the first projected outcome of their Holy Trinity Principles into outer materialized form.

The Cube and Sphere is also the progenitor mold for all their living Soul Atom Children in Creation which followed in myriad number, like yourselves. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the largest living atom in existence. Their Soul Atom Children in great number are the smallest.

As implied in the above depiction, the Mother holds the Father in her bosom. The principle applies also within you. Your Mother Substance factor holds your Father Intelligence factor within your bosom as you walk about. Again, 'As above so below'. You are a living outer manifestation of the Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of Alpha and Omega.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega projected one dimension down to their thirteenth dimension is called a 'Cubit'. Cubits are the basic building blocks of Creation and are the actual working modus operand of their Intelligent Design.

In the representation, the circle represents the frequencies of Intelligence, the cube represents the frequencies of Substance, the Upper standing and Lower standing blue line Y factors represent the 'Outer' Energy frequencies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and the Starr of David, now visible, represents the 'Inner' Energy frequencies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. As the depiction shows, the Starr of David holds the Intelligence factor and Substance factor together in Absolute balance of their Absolute potentials by absolute rule of it's absolute order.

Cubits are expandable into cubistic matrixes. Cubistic matrixes are the main principle of how their Intelligent Design is expressed. They are, used equally to blueprint the different aspects of Creation as intentions before the fact, and to uphold them permanently after the fact once expressed. There is ought in existence not of a cubistic configuration great or small. Cubistic matrixes rely on the fact that the attributional frequencies of the Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother can be permuted in seven different ways. The seven permutations are: 'Intelligence', 'Energy', 'Substance', 'Substance/Energy', 'Substance/Intelligence', 'Intelligence/Energy', and 'Intelligence/Energy/Substance'.

Cubits are used to depict the different attributions of the differing permutations. The image below comprises the seven cubits configured together and is the basic cubistic blueprint for the seven permutational frequencies tied together. A thick attribute line or circle depicts that a particular attribution is in full presence. A thin circle or line depicts that it is diminished. In the image below the differing frequencies of the differing permutational representations are reflected through the differing thicknesses and thinnesses of the differing parts of the differing respective cubits in the matrix.

For example by the rule, in the permutation of Intelligence depicted at the three o'clock position in the image below, Intelligence is represented in full attribution while Energy and Substance are both shown as diminished. In the permutation of Substance/Energy at the nine o'clock position, Substance and Energy are in full attribution while Intelligence is diminished. The final permutation of Intelligence/Energy/Substance is depicted as the middle cubit where nothing is diminished. This principle of full attributional presence versus diminished is the basic working principle of cubistics and can blueprint new expressions without number.

In accordance with the Design, Creation at large consists of an Inner Creation and an Outer Creation. The Inner Creation comprises dimensions thirteen to nine, the Outer Creation dimensions seven to one. The Inner Creation is mainly Intelligence related, where the plans of Creation are drawn. The Outer Creation is mainly Substance related, where the plans are put into practice as expressed results. You are in the Outer Creation. Just as the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the interface between the inner un-manifested frequencies of the Fifteenth dimension and higher and outer manifested frequencies of the thirteenth dimension and below, the eighth dimension is the interface between the mainly Intelligence related frequencies of the Inner Creation and the mainly Substance related frequencies of the Outer.

The Outer Creation is composed of seven Great Super Universes based on the same cubistic principle of seven tied together. The above cubistic matrix also blueprints the seven great Super Universes of the 'Outer Creation' for being of the same principle in kind. The matrix also blueprints the seven dimensions within the Outer Creation for likewise being of the same principle in kind. The matrix also blueprints the seven dimensions of consciousness within the Outer Creation, for being of the same principle in kind, including within yourselves. This collectively should already give you considerable new information about your existence as a Soul Atom Child of the Creators living within the Outer Creation of seven great Super Universes having seven dimension within each. With each of you having your own seven dimensions in consciousness as an everlasting Triune Son/Daughter Child of the Creators. Once expressed from the side of Alpha and Omega, you are forever. No matter what you may think of yourself within Earth's current sorry state, in Reality you are a Christed Triune Celestial Soul Atom child of the Creators, whose purpose is to help them expand their Creation in loving responsibility.

The infinite power of cubistics reflects the infinite power of the Intelligent Design by the fact that every part of every cubit in any area of any cubistic matrix anywhere in Creation carries a completely different frequency of its kind, for fact of the differing frequencies of the differing parts connecting to it. For example, in the depiction above the circle of Intelligence at the one o'clock position is in a completely different area within the overall matrix than the circle at the seven o'clock position. It also has a different thickness and likewise the parts connecting to it have differing respective thicknesses and thinnesses. So it represents a completely different net frequency of Intelligence. The same applies for any of the other circles in the matrix, and also for any of the cubes of Substance, and also for any of the Y Factor lines of Energy. This simple principle within this simple depiction, reveals the infinite power of the system very clearly. Now imagine it at work within a cubistic matrix of millions upon millions upon millions of cubistic members.

In this simple disclosure only the two attributional quotients of thick and thin have been used. In actuality the number of different possible quotients is limitless. By this simple little working principle of their Intelligent Design, it is completely impossible for any cubistic part, no matter how big or how small or where in Creation it is found, to be of the exact same frequency as any other. It is that simple. By this singular little fact of common logic, cubistic matrixes are able to blueprint in advance and to subsequently uphold after the fact, continuously differing creative expressions without limit and without end by simply assigning in advance within the blueprint, the attributional quotients needed for every differing part of the cubistic structure intended as required to bring about the planned manifested end product as the finished result.

The fact is that the cubistic principle is fractal. The fractal is universal. Like fractals, cubistic matrixes can be expanded into more and more complex matrixes without limit. Likewise made smaller and smaller in order to blueprint and uphold any aspect of Creation large or small. The image below is an expanded basic cubistic matrix depicting the Seven Great Super Universes having the seven dimensions in each.

The depiction is the basic overriding blueprint for the Outer Creation. The very small cubit structure in the very middle implies the presence of the Inner Creation higher up in frequency in behind. To give you a idea of how cubistics actually works in practice, if the entirety of the above image were to be reproduced inside every one of the small cubits inside every one of the seven main cubits and then the whole thing done again, you just might start getting an idea of what an electron might look like. If the original above structure were to be flushed out into all of the Outer Creation's smallest details, the actual number of cubistic members in the Outer Creation matrix above would be many many times transcendental.

Similarly as hinted above, the simple electron is actually comprised of thousands upon thousands of distinctly different cubistic members within its basic cubistic matrix from the differing fermions within its makeup. Each in turn is defined by its own cubistic matrix of cubistic components. Likewise, by the rule, no two electrons anywhere in Creation can have the exact same net collection of frequencies even as they are all exactly the same in basic outermost principle.

Similarly, in your current incarnation you have both an inner and and outer consciousness matrix. When your inner and outer matrixes are likewise flushed out to include all of the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles within your body the number of cubistic parts upholding your current incarnation as you walk about likewise approaches transcendental. This is how Cubistics has been used, is being used, and will continue to be used to uniquely blueprint and express every differing part of creation large and small, forever and without limit. Your have long sought a Unified Field theory. It is at hand. By cubistic rule the Micro Universe is a perfect mirror of the Macro.

Creation exists solely to convert the Creator's original failing Great Even Pool of Darkness frequencies of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into everlasting Triune frequencies of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. Their Intelligent Design was formulated solely to bring about that conversion. Creation exists solely through everyone's responsible implementation of the Intelligent Design under the guidance, direction, and protection of Alpha and Omega's Holy Trinity self, including yourself.

The current Outer Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and is still within its infancy. Seven great new Super Universe are starting to become unfolded. Creation will be expanded seven more times after that. At the end of all the expansions, enough animus will have been created for Alpha and Omega to convert their remaining Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into everlasting manifested Triune Being as a single penultimate event. In that final day Alpha and Omega will have raised themselves from silence to the spoken word and the Great Even Pool of Darkness will stand no more.

For the fundamental aspects the Design, see: Starrgram 2 to 6, For the basic Creative implementations of the Design see: Starrgrams 7 to 13. For the Scientific minded, who tend to dismiss things not of the laboratory or theoretical pen out of hand, Starrgram 14 deals with the Micro Universe. Specifically, in the middle of Starrgram 14 the three basic up quarks and three basic down quarks are generated straight out the rules for cubistics. Similarly, near the end of the Starrgram the  basic natures of the photon, electron, and neutrino are shown by pure Cubistic formulations.

Please note that 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' is Volume 2 out of a three volume set. 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' is also revelatory and is Volume 2. 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' is Volume 3, and also comprises a revelatory disclosure. The indexes of all three Volumes are presented at the right hand side of every Starrgram for your convenience.